What’s Cooking? – Moosewood Style

I just returned from the Fingerlakes of New York where I was delighted to be able to eat at one of my favorite places, The Moosewood Restaurant.  The Mooswood is located in Ithica and they have made a name for themselves in this college town by being a place to go if you want locally sourced, mostly vegetarian meals.  The lunch and dinner menu are different every day of the year and always filled with interesting and delicious options.

The Moosewood has also made a name for themselves around the world with their cookbook collection comprising over 12 cookbooks.  They have won a number of James Beard book awards.  I can personally speak for 8 of their books because I have them in my collection at home and cook from them frequently.

While the cookbooks are mostly vegetarian they do offer chapters on fish and seafood recipes.  If you are a new vegetarian or a carnivore wanting to make a veggie meal and wondering how to put a complete meal together, all of the recipes in the cookbooks give you menu suggestions.  If you are wanting to make the Greek Scampi (one of my all time favorites from theMoosewood Restaurant Cooks At Homecookbook) they suggest serving the scampi over rice, couscous or orzo with a side of steamed broccoli or asparagus.  They take all of the work out of planning complete meals!

If you are looking for a great cookbook to introduce you to vegetarian (or pesce-tarian) cooking or expand your current repertoire then stop by the Bookshop and pick up a Moosewoodcookbook.


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