What’s Cooking? “Cakelove in the Morning” by Warren Brown

I LOVE breakfast food.  My family LOVES breakfast food too.  I sometimes make breakfast-for-dinner because it is one of those events that brings everyone to the table without complaint.  When I opened up the new cookbook that arrived in the store last week I knew immediately what recipe I wanted to tell you about.  It combines all of the best foods in one place – bananas, bacon, chocolate and pancakes.  Yes, it is the “bacon-chocolate banana sandwich” recipe, the sandwich part being pancake.  I made them for the family this morning and there was not a scrap left!

The recipe is fairly simple, you can use their from scratch pancake recipe (which is amazing) or you can use your favorite box mix too.  You fry up some bacon, around here we love Wegman’s uncured bacon or if you are making them for somebody really special you have to pick up the bacon from the Classic Diner in Frazier, PA.  You crumble up the bacon into the pancake batter and then toss in some chocolate chips.  I prefer semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips.  You make the pancakes and set them aside and fry up the banana in a little butter so they get caramelized.  After that you put it together by placing the cooked bananas between two pancakes and drizzle with syrup. 

After enjoying all that you have to take a walk so that the guilt doesn’t overwhelm you.

This is just one of the many fabulous recipes inCakeLove in the Morning. There is a chapter on french toast, pancakes and waffles and includes special flavored butters, syrups and drizzles.  For a heartier breakfast check out the chapter on eggs, frittatas and quiches.  If you are a “breakfast on the run” kind of person there is a chapter on portable items like muffins, scones and biscuits.  If you have a special brunch planned you have to make something from the chapter on sticky breads, sticky buns and cakes.  They even throw in some savory recipes because not everyone likes sweets first thing in the morning (those people are crazy!).

CakeLove in the Morning is a wonderful cookbook for yourself or as a gift.  The pictures are mouth-wateringly beautiful and the recipes and special sections are filled with great tips.  It is one of those cookbooks that you will hand down through the generation because when you make and share something special you build memories with the ones you love.

And, if you are wanting that special someone to do something for you the chocolate-banana-bacon pancakes will do the trick!



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